About Us

About The Studio

Creativity isn't restricted to a medium or a brief and believing in delivering through unconstrained freedom helps us create the best for you.

The opportunity of having a large canvas as Earth, it allows us to connect with people that we never thought of knowing.

We hope to see you too that, especially if you are from space!

Four Tailored

Identity Design & Logo design

Identity Design Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product.
Crafting a Brand's Identity is a joy as it helps shape a brand for many years to come. We help design an identity and not just a logo that help your consumer perceive your brand they way you want them to.

Logo. Visual Brand components. Stationery. Signage. Marketing collateral. Product & Packaging.


Design being an extremely broad subject, we classify it as anything that is planned and executed creatively for human interaction through any medium. So I can say if you think we are creative, we can design anything you wish for.

Visual communication. Illustration. Story telling. Portfolio. Painting.


The power of photography is a very complex and an important concept – one that can be incredibly helpful through work and life. It also means different things to different people, hence we try to help reflect your thoughts into stills and films to give you an experience which adds value to you.

Architecture . Commercial . Product . Wedding . Fashion

Travel Photography & Photo Journalism

Witnessing the worst and best of humanity. Travel photography and Photojournalism are both different, one captures the splendor of a place and the other even it's shadow. We love to capture both these in their purest forms and narrate stories through images.

  • Shruti @ Zeroblack creates magic with the camera. It's been a sheer pleasure to have her shoot our architectural and interior design projects. She resonates our thought process and attention to detail through her pictures in an immaculate manner. I'm in awe of her staging capabilities to complete a specific look based on our brief and maintaining the right between natural and artificial lighting to liven up a space. Every photo brings back a smile to all the people who have worked on creating that magnificent abode. Her ability to curate and compile the clicks is indeed an unforgettable memory. Thank you and look forward to working with Zeroblack again and again and again!! Hemil Parikh Founder, Elysium Abodes

  • Extremely sincere to work with and also adding lots of creativity and innovative ideas. Niteen L Shah - Promoter & MD, Total Sports & Fitness.

  • Really loved the photoshoot Shruti did for us. The entire process was so smooth and easy. From day one, she was totally into our idea and helping and giving suggestions for the look of our shoot, helping out with locations, props, models etc. She's extremely hard-working and easy to approach, never got tired at all in spite of all the last minute changes and complications. She also suggested and helped us out with our catalog and social media. We really appreciate all the efforts she put into the shoot, just like it was her own brand. Thank you for a great shoot Shruti! Rushab Chapia, Dive